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At Surya Electronics our PCB assembly is hotter than a soldierng iron.

All 40,000 square feet of our facility is brimming with cutting-edge technology, curious innovators and production optimizers.  Surya is Chicagoland’s leading full-service printed circuit board electronics manufacturer combining design, manufacturing, testing and delivery into the highest quality PCBAs on the market.

With  over 30 years of practice, customer satisfaction has become second nature. Expect us to exceed expectations, innovate design consulting and quickly assemble error-free, high quality products on time, every time!

Certified with the Chicago Minority Business Development Council, our minority-owned firm fosters employee commitment, support, acceleration, and seamless team collaboration.  Our responsive customer service representatives have answered every possible question, resolved any potential issue and customized every service imaginable.  Let’s work together to create your next PCB assembly that works the first time and every time.


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