Espressif ESP32-LyraT Audio Development Board, ESP32-WROVER


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The ESP32-LyraT V4.2 is an audio development board produced by Espressif built around ESP32. It is intended for audio applications, by providing hardware for audio processing and additional RAM on top of what is already onboard of the ESP32 chip. The specific hardware includes:

  • ESP32-WROVER Module
  • Audio Codec Chip ES8388
  • Dual Microphones on board
  • Headphone input
  • 2 x 3-watt Speaker output MIX3006
  • Dual Auxiliary Input
  • MicroSD Card slot (1 line or 4 lines)
  • 6 buttons (2 physical buttons and 4 touch buttons). T in LyraT stands for touch pads.
  • JTAG header
  • Integrated USB-UART Bridge Chip CP2102N
  • Li-ion Battery-Charge Management

For more detailed on board resources please read the overview page here.   LyraT get started guide.  Schematic.


According to Espressif, the ESP-WROOM-32 is a powerful, generic WiFi-BT-BLE MCU module that targets a wide variety of applications ranging from low-power sensor networks to the most demanding tasks such as voice encoding, music streaming and MP3 decoding.

For advanced users only! This product is just the module – which can be difficult to use. You’ll need to solder it onto a board with supporting circuitry. This module is for developers at this time, these modules are not certified!

Please note this product is for people who are comfortable compiling via the Tensilica toolchain. There are the beginnings of an Arduino IDE setup (Search GitHub for espressif arduino esp32), Lua (Search GitHub for Nicholas3388 LuaNode) and MicroPython port. We are providing these for the community of advanced hackers, coders and makers who are willing to help make demos, projects and tutorials for the ESP32! Please consider holding off on purchase if you are not planning to contribute to the community coding efforts at this time, thank you! There are no refunds, exchanges, store credit or support in any way for this product.


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