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Targets the high performance requirements with 4.5 MB of RAM and a dual core 240 MHz CPU.

Create Internet cameras, smart displays or Internet radios with this highly integrated ultra low power module by connecting LCDs, cameras, microphones and codecs to it.

The esp rover kit is a comprehensive board support most important ESP32 features:

  • LCD, VGA camera, high speed SD card, etc connectors.
  • SRAM for IoT applications. The board use ESP32-Rover module, which has SRAM inside, as well as normal program flash.
  • The board carries an advanced multi-protocol USB bridge (the FTDI FT2232HL), enabling developers to use USB-JTAG directly to debug the ESP32.
  • One on board one RGB LED, 5V external power supply, two press buttons.

Please notice each purchase is for one board only, LCD place on backside of the board, image shows front and back side.


All available ESP32 ICs, Modules (WROOM-32, ESP32-WROVER, etc), Development Board(ESP32-devkitc, esp32-wrover-kit, etc) see on this page.


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